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Resin Restorations (White Fillings)

What is a composite resin restoration (white filling)?

A composite or white filling is a tooth-colored plastic and glass mixture that is used to restore decayed teeth. They are also used for cosmetic enhancement to improve the smile by changing the color, length, width, and shape of disfigured teeth.


How is it placed?

After carefully removing the decayed/softer portions of the tooth to get to solid, clean tooth structure, it is placed in increments and shaped with instruments to conform to your tooth shape.   Your filling is then adjusted so that it adapts to your bite and polished to make it smooth and shiny.


What is the cost?

Prices can vary based on large the filling has to be. Most dental insurance plans cover the cost of fillings up to a certain percentage with the patient paying the remainder. This can vary depending on the strength of the insurance plan of the patient.