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Professional Teeth Whitening

How is teeth whitening (“tooth bleaching”) done?

Teeth whitening is normally achieved through placing whitening material or “bleach” into a tray custom made for your teeth and allowing it to sit for a period of time. In-office whitening is also done by applying a high strength whitening material or “bleach” to the teeth and allowing it to sit on the teeth in order to take its effect.


Is it safe?

Tooth whitening is absolutely safe. The material acts on the stains outside of the teeth. Although, some can experience sensitivity, this can be relieved with a mild over the counter pain reliever or fluoride treatment.


When is the best time to whiten or “bleach” my teeth?

The best time is right after a cleaning appointment where all of the stains are removed from your teeth. However, whitening can be done at any time.


What do you consider your best tooth whitening option?

Our best and most popular tooth whitening option is a combination of the in-office whitening session and custom made trays to take home with whitening gel. The in-office whitening can get you toward whiter teeth much faster but the trays can help assist in keeping your teeth whiter as you eat and drink items that can stain the teeth. Teeth whitening products are also available to get from the office when your whitening gel runs out.


I had a root canal on my front tooth. Can this be whitened?

It can! It has to be approached differently than other teeth but can be whitened from the inside with a special procedure.