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What are bridges?

This is appropriately named because it is a literal bridging of a gap caused by a missing tooth. This is made of two or more crowns on either side of the gap with a tooth connected in between to replace the missing tooth. Bridges can be performed connecting natural teeth or implants.



Why should I replace a missing tooth?

Replacing a tooth is not a requirement but can provide many benefits. They can restore your smile, help even-out the bite forces in your mouth when chewing, and can prevent teeth from drifting into the empty spaces.


How much is a bridge?

A bridge will often be made of three or more custom made crowns joined together. Insurance often covers this procedure up to a certain percentage with the remainder paid by the patient. Make sure to confirm with the office regarding how your plan covers this service and if a missing tooth clause exists.


What is a missing tooth clause?

Insurance plans may not pay to replace a tooth if it was extracted prior to having the specific dental coverage you now have but some waive this clause. We are happy to assist you in acquiring this information