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Wisdom Teeth

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last adult teeth to appear in the mouth. Most people do not have room for these teeth to fit in their mouth and thus they become stuck or impacted.


Why do we have to get them removed?

You do not have to get them removed. However, due to their location, they are more difficult to clean and often become decayed. Due to many people lacking the necessary room for them to fit, they can sometimes be painful by causing pressure in the jaw or, if only come in partially, can retain plaque and decay which can lead to infection and sometimes affect the tooth in front of it.


Why are they called wisdom teeth?

It is believed that they are called wisdom teeth because they are the last teeth to appear in the mouth when a person is maturing into adulthood and thought to be wiser. These teeth normally appear between the ages of 17-21.


When should I get them removed?

About the age of 15 is when some thought should begin in consideration of their removal. They are often easier and better healing occurs at this time. However, they can be removed later in age.


Can I be “knocked out”?

Yes! Many of the patients elect to not remember the experience and we are happy to provide IV sedation to provide maximum comfort.