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TMJ Treatment

How do I know if I have TMJ problems?

If you have discomfort when opening wide, chewing, headaches, among other symptoms, you may have a TMJ problem. Hearing your jaw pop and click when opening and moving it, especially accompanied with discomfort is a common sign. A consultation with the doctor can help determine if this is the problem and what can be done to address it.


What can be done?

An appliance can be made to help fit over the teeth in order to provide a comfortable position for your TMJ and help relax the muscles of the jaw and face. This position can help aid toward the healing process of any inflamed areas that cause the pain and headaches.


How common are TMJ problems?

It is very common. Life is stressful. If you have a heartbeat, you likely have stress. We understand this and know that taking the stress out of life is easier said than done and virtually impossible. TMJ treatment helps manage these effects in a way to minimize its destruction on the system by protecting the teeth from grinding and clenching as well helping the joint relax.