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Dr hamack is the best. Makes you feel at ease and excellent at what he does. I had major surgery under sedation two days ago and feel great. Very pleased with the work and the lovely staff at Audabon dental

Friendly team & efficient service! Love it.

From the Beginning just walking in being greeted with a smile was nice. All the ladies that polished and cleaned my teeth were extremely informative.

Everyone was so friendly. No one bombarded me with a list of things I need to do and how much it’s going to costs and how will I pay for it. Everything was taken in stride and I left knowing how my teeth will be taken care of until I’m satisfied with my smile.

As someone terrified of dental visits, I was doubly terrified knowing that I’d need an extraction of a molar which was in such bad shape it might break past the gum and need to he cut out. Having a friend that had recently gone through such an experience elsewhere, i went into my appointment near panic attack. I can honestly say that if it weren’t for the folks at Audubon, I may not have gone through with the extraction and just waited until it was a medical emergency. Instead, thanks to the wonderful encouragement and calmness of Dr. Tony, he got me through the process still awake (they offer an IV to put you to sleep through the event as well) and in full honesty, with very little feeling other than slight pressure during the extraction, which went as well as it could have possibly gone. Because of this experience, I’ll happily go into cleanings/check ups and get any needed filling work that may be needed, which I previously would not have done because of my dental phobia. Thank you all for providing a wonderful options for cowards like myself!

I never knew it was possible to enjoy going to the dentist until I found Audubon Dental Group. Every time I have been there I have been met with impeccable service and professionalism and I have never had to wait more than five minutes to be seen!

My experiences at Audubon have always been positive. The hygienist, Brittany, is extremely knowledgeable and the dentists are understanding and supportive of any dental problems I might be having.

I’ve lived in New Orleans for 10 years and have had trouble finding a great dentist’s office. Audubon Dental is excellent in every area of their practice. I think we’ve finally found a winner!

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